Wishful Wednesday – Elss Thinks

Wishful Wednesday – Elss Thinks


Hello there!
I am Elise (you can just about see me in the picture, I was feeling very alternative and artsy that day), and I blog over at elssthinks.co.uk. Mainly, I am a student lifestyle blogger, however, I do also write about True Crime. They are very different things, I know, but they are both things I find interesting and they allow me to create a wide range of posts. I work to write posts that are not stereotypical or even posts that have a bit of a spin on them to keep my blog fresh and engaging, but my main thing is writing with passion, something I hope shines through in everything I publish.
I also write some beauty posts (although I am no MUA so I do not know how good they) using mainly drugstore products as well as the occasional haul and wishlist, basically, my blog is just a collection of different types of posts. I am not really a luxury type of girl (although I do wish I was). I 100% would be if I had the money, however, whilst I am living the broke life the most a girl can do is dream.
For now, I am living my life in a pair of Primark slides with a Missguided Handbag, just moisturiser to try and make my face more alive, a coat I got from the charity shop and my legs to get me around. Hopefully, I can upgrade at least a little soon.
In order to get to know me more, Louise has provided a list of questions for me to answer (which are all very original) so I hope this gives you a little more insight into me as a person!


What fictional place would you most like to go?

Wherever they lived in the Twilight series. Vampires are my thing, and if there are more of them that are like Edward then I am straight there.

What would be the most amazing adventure to go on?

Mhm, this is difficult. I think a road trip across Europe with my friends would be the best for me. We always get ourselves into the funniest, most odd situations when were are together so it would be heightened in other countries.

What’s your favourite drink?

A caramel Latte, 100%, I could live off of them.

What is something that is considered a luxury, but you don’t think you could live without?

I don’t think there is anything that is considered extremely luxury, other than basic things that people from other backgrounds don’t have access too.

How do you relax after a hard day of work?

Straight in my PJs, a bit of TV or some music, chocolate and wine. It is the perfect combination.

What is the most heartwarming thing you’ve ever seen?

Oh, this is a difficult one! I do not think I have witnessed any stand out heartwarming moments. I am quite an emotional person, so I find things heartwarming every single day. The little things are the ones that get me the most, the picking up a bag for someone else or holding a door open. It is not the most heartwarming thing but it is the most common that people do not appreciate enough.

What is one of your favourite smells?

When you blow out a candle, there is a distinct smell of smoke afterwards. It is different to all the other types of smoke out there, but it is fabulous. I want a candle that smells like blown out candle.

Who is your most interesting friend?

All of my friends are pretty boring. I’m kidding, I guess they are all interesting in their own way. The most interesting thing I ever had was this old man I used to speak to whenever I went into the pub, he had a whirlwind of a life. From divorces to being in prison, to almost dying, he literally had the craziest life I have ever heard. Sadly, he passed away recently, but he is one of the most interesting people I have ever met.

What do you take for granted?

Waking up in the morning. Not only do I take for granted the fact I still have a life to live, I take from granted waking up in the life I have got. Of course, it’s not perfect. Yet I wake up in a comfortable bed, in clean PJ’s, in a solid house in a first world country. Everyone is guilty of taking that for granted.

What’s the best and worst piece of advice you’ve ever received?

In terms of the best piece of advice I have ever received, ‘don’t give up what you want for something you want now’. It taught me to think about the consequences of my actions more. Yes, I may not want to do this piece of work now but I want to go down a certain career path, you have always got to keep what you want overall in mind. I get bad advice all the time, literally all the time, however, I guess that is just a part of life.


I hope you enjoyed reading all about me, and if you want to see more you can always pop over to my blog. Thank you so much to Wishful Luxury for having me, I had so much fun writing this.

Elise xo






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