Pancake Day

Pancake Day

I absolutely love pancake day! I have enjoyed it since I was a kid and the day always brings back memories of pancakes after dinner and mum surprising us midway through the year by making pancakes for dessert!

We should really call it Shrove Tuesday as this is the day that traditionally marks the start of lent now I’m not religious but I love finding out about the history behind traditions in this country and the reasons that the tradition had continued all the way to 2018.

Before the reformation of the church, Shrovetide would last a week or more before lent but the custom of eating pancakes on Shrove Tuesday dates back to the 16th Century.

In Germany, the day is known as Fastnachtsdienstag which means Violet Tuesday and this is celebrated with fancy dress and partial school holiday (sounds like an amazing idea to me).

Going back to eating pancakes (the best sweet known to man) I love a good Nutella pancake as well as sugar and orange juice. This morning I decided to get up early and surprise Alex and Cookie by making pancakes and everyone. I found a suitable doggy pancake recipe so that Cookie will feel included and I also made Alex and I some. I then had Nutella and Sugar available for Alex and me to add to our pancakes.

What did you do for pancake day or do you not celebrate it?

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