I can’t get enough of LUSH bath bombs, unfortunately for me they are fairly expensive and therefore not every bath I have is graced by their presence. Recently though I did decide to get myself a few to help ease the stresses of work, soon I will be inundated with coursework to mark and I will definitely need something to help me relax (that isn’t alcoholic) yay for dry January.

The Experimenter – Bath Bomb

I love the fact that when you put the experimenter into your tub there is an explosion of colour that is just utterly mesmerising. I wasn’t too keen on the smell at first but once the bomb is in the bath it reminded me more of old spice aftershave which A used to wear when we first met so a perfect scent. The only downside to this bomb and most LUSH products is the amount of time you spend cleaning the bath afterwards however I for one think it’s worth it!

Rose Jam – Bubbleroon

This has to be up there in my favourite LUSH products, it smells amazing, turns the bath pink and has bubbles! like seriously. I love things that make my skin feel like a babies bottom and I have to say this bubbleroon just perfects that!

The Comforter – Bubble Bar

I think this is a staple in any LUSH collection, it leaves you, your bath, your bathroom, anything it touches smelling like absolute heaven. It leaves an amazing amount of bubbles and you can split this over multiple baths which I love for the price!


All of the products above I would highly recommend to any pro-lushie or new-lushie alike! If anyone has any recommendations of their favourite LUSH products please leave them below!


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