Forever Friday #3: The Hen Party

Forever Friday #3: The Hen Party


For months my Maid of Honour has been planning to the T my hen party and finally last Saturday was the night we had all been waiting for and it was incredible.

I knew little bits about the hen, it was being held in my school’s hall, there was a back to school theme and that we would be doing a little bit of karaoke. This, however, was all I knew and I couldn’t believe the lengths and effort that C went through to produce this amazing night.

The Day

L was put on ‘Lousie Watch’ all day so we started with going to the nail bar to have my nails painted, then we had brunch and then a little later I had a blow dry so I was feeling all pampered by the time we had to start getting ready. I had a few of the girls get ready at mine and we put on a 00s playlist to take us back to our teenage years and reminisce all the good memories of being in school.

My dad then picked us all up to take us to the hall, whilst we were getting ready C, her parents and my mum set up the hall. I had to stay in reception when we got there before being allowed up into the hall and oh my god it was amazing… to be able to turn the school hall into that was incredible.


C really pulled out all the stocks here, there was rose gold everything which she knows is my absolute favourite! As well as matching everything to the theme of our wedding and the details we went into was amazing.

There were fresh flowers on all the tables as well as fairy lights in bottles, balloons were dotted around to make the hall look less spacey. Fairy lights were a backdrop to the tables and she had made the place look like my dream hen venue.

Games & Activities

We had a table for beer pong which we actually played with Carribean twist, there was a little Mr & Mrs quiz where they had asked A questions and I had to answer what he would have said. We also had Bride Tribe tattoos which were actually pretty hard to remove once they were on.

Food & Drink

The first drink on entry was a glass of prosecco with a slice of strawberry in them, then you went over to the drinks table and there were vodka jelly shots, ciders, beers, two decanters with Pimms & lemonade and gin & tonic in them.

We also had the classic drinks of Carribean twist, Smirnoff ice and WKD. There was also sparkling water and soft drinks for the non-drinkers, there was something for everyone.

The food and drink spread was your typical party food, homemade sandwiches, sausage rolls, fruit sticks, crisps and dip. You then had the mini cupcakes, Lola’s cupcakes, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, sweets, popcorn, so much food! On top of that, she took our orders from what we wanted from McDonald’s and then her dad went and got us our meals and delivered them to us!


Once we had drunk, sang and ate our way through the evening we tidied up, headed back to mine for a well-deserved rest.

I wanted to feature my hen party on my blog to say thank you to my incredible Maid of Honour for her sterling effort in setting this all up, it’s not easy organising an event and getting everyone together but you did it and it was amazing! Couldn’t have asked for a better hen!

What did you do for your hen party/what would you dream hen party be like?


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