EGX 2017

EGX 2017

Work has been absolutely crazy the last couple of weeks so I have to apologise for my appalling blogging! I did, however, spend last Thursday at EGX which was absolutely awesome and blog worthy!

For those of you who don’t know what EGX is it is a gaming convention called ‘Eurogamer’ held every year at the Birmingham NEC. It’s hosted over 4 days and hosts lots of different stalls offering the chance to play new games, find out information on careers and watch some of your favourite gaming streamers play!

It was my first time going and although I love playing games I am not a crazy gamer but it was such a welcoming event and I loved going around the stalls finding out about all the new games and university courses that are on offer.

I played 3 games, Minecraft which is a game that I love playing at home with Alex and his brother so I just had to have a go! Moo Moo Move which was a game in a competition and it was amazing, I loved the graphics and I love simplicity! You literally controlled a guy on a horse rounding up some cows into a pen. It does sound lame but was actually really fun! The other game was a co-op mission where you controlled each end of a sausage dog and you had to work with your partner to get through the level and feed the monsters. This was amazing and I absolutely loved the game!

I would highly recommend going to anyone who loves games even the slightest bit, I didn’t stand around in any of the queues or get to play the big games but it was still totally worth it! Especially as there was a huge retro gaming section (although the Wii was in this which I thought wasn’t quite ‘retro’ yet!)



Have you ever been to any gaming conventions? I would love to hear about your experiences!

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