5 Top Tips to find a Wedding Venue!

5 Top Tips to find a Wedding Venue!

Being almost a year into my wedding planning I have had my venue booked for 10 months now however before we booked it we had taken a lot of different venues and styles into consideration. I thought I would share some tips with you on how we decided on where we wanted to get married:

  1. WHEN

This was definitely the most important factor for us when choosing our venue. We had decided shortly after getting engaged that we wanted around a 2-year engagement and that we wanted to get married on a date that was in-between my parent’s wedding anniversary and Alex’s parents. Alex’s parents were married on the 4th July 1992 and my parents were married on the 29th August 1992 so we decided on the 4th August which was bang in the middle of the two. This was important to us so it was extremely important we found a venue that had this date free.



The location of the venue wasn’t top of the list for us, our families are dotted around the UK and Europe so wherever we got married some part of our family or friends would have a long trip. I can see however how this is important to some people as Alex’s parents married in a quaint little church that his Dad’s parents had married and his sister. Very much a family church down the road from where everybody lived.


We did consider getting married on the cliffs of Santorini however we decided we really want to celebrate the wedding with our friends and we know Santorini isn’t the cheapest option. Which is why we started looking closer to home in England. We looked at barns and stately homes and finally settled on our perfect venue, we went for what made us happy which is the most important thing when you get married.


The main things that you should consider though are:

  • Does it make you both happy?
  • Does the proximity to your family and friends bother you?
  • Is it practical for them to get you?
  • If abroad, can they afford the flights?
  • Do you want to have the ceremony and reception in the same place?



This is a very important factor, do you and your partner want a big wedding or a small intimate ceremony? We decided that we definitely wanted all our close family at the ceremony and my family on my Mums side is rather large as is Alex’s on his Dads so, therefore, we counted up and worked out we would need a capacity of around 64 for the ceremony and wedding breakfast. We then wanted to be able to invite friends, colleagues and family friends to the evening reception so we had a total of around 100 for the evening. This, therefore, meant we had to find a ceremony room that would host 64 of us and an evening reception that would host 100. It also depends on cost, the ceremony and wedding breakfast can certainly be expensive so that is another reason we have less coming to the day and more into the evening.



With the reception venue would you like there to be accommodation? This was essential for us as most of our family are well over 5 hours+ away and therefore would need somewhere to stay for the night. We also looked around the surrounding area to check for other accommodation as we only got a certain amount of rooms. The venue we are having is a beautiful hotel so has lots of rooms available for guests to stay in and therefore can enjoy the festivities. The fact that they also don’t have to worry about getting taxis is a benefit as they are very expensive around the area we are holding the wedding.



Being a complete noob at wedding planning (clearly I have never married before) and not knowing where to start I wanted everything to be in one package so that I didn’t have to find different vendors for the canapes or the evening food. I also wanted my guests to be able to choose their food which is unusual for a wedding. Therefore, I found a venue that allowed me to choose the food and have the catering in with the price. You will need to consider if you want this or are you happy finding vendors yourself?


These are the 5 main points that I considered whilst finding my venue and are points that I think are really important when you look around these stunning places. What did you consider when looking for your venue?


**photos from Pexels.


5 Top tips to find the perfect wedding venue for you!

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